Sex Bots
Video below Highlighting
How our Sex Robot works!
For a peak into the
future of our sexbots, check out the link below to
see our prototype for voice recognition.  The
visual of the sexbot is an older prototype used
just to demonstrate this feature.

Sex Bots weigh approximately 40 to 45 lbs.

Sex Bots are manually positionable.  Motions are controlled by touch sensor activation
and/or radio remote control.  Power for Sex Bots is achieved by internal battery packs,
which are rechargeable.  Sex Bots do not have to have power to be used, they can be
used in the same fashion as any of the other adult synthetic dolls.


Sex Bots have a specially formulated synthetic platinum based silicone skin.  Sex Bots
are battery operated robots, therefore, you CANNOT submerse in liquids.  Sex Bots'
skin, face, hands and feet can be carefully cleaned with a mild detergent while on the
robot and all parts can be removed and cleaned separately as well.


Sex Bots are an electrical device which needs to be treated with respect.  They should
be kept away from water (tubs, pools, etc.) , like all other electrical appliances.  Sex
Bots are built with safety in mind.  They are very forgiving, but need to be operated and
moved with the respect given to a human partner.  Their flexibility slightly exceeds that
of a human.
Below are answers to the many questions you may have about Sex Bots.  
Please contact us if you have other questions or comments.

Currently we are working on a new model.  The  appearance
and movement will be improved along with new operating
functions.  The completion of the new model has been
delayed due to the many custom requests we receive.